Who Likes Mouse Ears? I Like Mouse Ears

I want to go to Disneyland badly.

I'm 17 years old. People have told me I'm too old now.

Too old? For what? Family fun? Family? Fun? Mouse ears? Lifesize cartoon characters? Adventure? Happiness? Joy?

These are the sort of things that just don't have cut-off ages.

I writhe in jealousy when my friends tell me that they go there. I try not to shrivel up as they describe their trips in glorious detail. Eventually my hands find my ears and I cover them, trying not to let the words enter my mind, as though my friends are describing the twist at the end of a viciously long book.

"I don't want to hear it!" I exclaim. "I'm almost at the end! Please, just let me finish on my own! Arghhhh!"

Except I'm talking about Disneyland and amidst my throes of anguish, probably trying to replicate the appearance of mouse ears using my hands.
theroadtohello theroadtohello
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2010