Never Been To Disneyland/world

Ever since kindergarten, I would always hear stories from my classmates and their friends about how their family always roadtripped to Florida for springbreak to go to Disneyworld. I usually stayed at home during spring break throughout most of grade and high school, so over the years, I'd feel a twinge of jealously for never being able to go, and boredom at how nearly everyone I knew went, year by year. Even outside of school, I'd keep quiet when my friends talk excitedly about their times in Disneyworld and all of the amazing new rides and exhibits they have now. I just wish that I could relate to them. I don't know why, but I really hate it when I admit to them my disney theme park-less childhood. When I admit it, they look at me in horror, as if I've been diagnosed with some horrific, life threatening and contageous disease (okay, maybe that was an exaggeration...then again, most of my friends are thespians xDD), and rant on about "how I'm missing out", " how my life/childhood was deprived", and etc.

  I don't expect any sympathy stories, but I do come from a working class family whose parents immigrated during their teens. My parents aren't crazy about theme parks or big cities as my brother and I are, so it's understandable that they weren't gungho about going to places like Disneyworld. I do find myself considerably lucky though. I've traveled many miles, many times within the U.S by car, train, and plane; I've traveled outside the U.S about three times so far (including road tripping through Thailand, Laos, and France). I've been to Six Flags several times (one in St. Louis and the other by Chicago), Sea World once, Raging Waves and Hershey Park as well (I'm also a convention goer and a huge fan of music festivals). There are many people around the world who've never traveled outside their country before. There are some people who've never been on a plane before. And there are those who cannot fathom the idea of setting foot outside their small town where everyone knows each other.

 At the time I write this, I'm 19 years young, and I've never set foot in Disneyworld or Disneyland my whole life thus far. I am very thankful that I've had many opportunities to travel and hope to continue to travel domestically and internationally. I may be a bigger fan of Universal Studios than Disney (while I miss their hand drawn works, I was never crazy about how everyone sung musicals tunes...everything was too happy for me, and no, I'm not a Tim Burten fan, either, haha!), but maybe if I've been lucky enough to be a guest at DL or DW, maybe my heart wouldn't have been so hardened.
Deleciel Deleciel
18-21, F
Oct 23, 2010