Going In July!

So, fiancee says she picked something out of Redbook suggesting a "surprise vacation" -- let  you sig other organize it for you, pack and be ready to go.

In July?  Scratch the Caribbean, too hot and crowded.  Scratch Costa Rica as well, has to be north.  What's happening in northern Europe at the end of July -- wow, a national festival in a country with volcanoes, whales, waterfalls, and lagoons!  Verslunarmannahelgi it is, then.


Convenient air travel from the USA looks best out of New York City.  Solution:  Train to NYC.
Lodging: Solved
Transportation: needs research, drive or bus?
Tours: needs research, not sure if I should try to schedule before arrival
Parties:  looks like every street corner
Lagoons:  skip Blue Lagoon, get a local recommendation
Whales: iffy, wrong season
Language:  hokay, back to the books...

Oh, fiancee has been asking for hints -- so I told her to expect plenty of sunshine, bring a bathing suit, heels, high ankle hiking boots, and her ski jacket.

Any suggestions from those who have been, appreciated! 
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3 Responses Jun 8, 2011

Glad you had a good time. The whales are worth it though ...as is the river fishing if you're that way inclined. I'd forgotten about the seafood in Reykjavik - it is fantastic.

Had a great time! Glaciers, definitely, though we chose hiking rather than motorized travel geothermal pools were excellent ... the surprise finds were a no-frills seafood restaurant on the waterfront in Reykjavik, the rift valley of Thingvellir, and Yoko Ono's "Imagine Peace" memorial to her husband.<br />
<br />
No whales this time, though. We'll have to go back.

Tours: you'll probably be able to do it when you get there BUT you should consider a fly-drive holiday. It's a big old island and getting around by car is best. We flew to Rekjavik then took an internal flight to Akureyri where we picked up a hire car. Easiest way to see scenery in the North and we drove over to Husavik for whale watching. We did August - lots of whales inc calves - you should be ok didi it wuth this lot http://www.gentlegiants.is/home/ very good.<br />
Parties: nearly correct. Rekjavik is good and so is Akureyri in the North. Helps to be under 30 though :-(<br />
Lagoons: Blue Lagoon is actually OK. Amusing when you share with a coach load of japanese pensioners in January though - surreal comes to mind.<br />
Language: back to the books if you have 18 months....<br />
Fiancee dress: hottest day ever in the mid-60s F (22C) and it WILL rain. And it is windy. And in the North there are midges and mozzies who are voracious unless there's a wind.<br />
People: nice. Trees: almost none<br />
Suggestions: do a skidoo trip on the big glacier in the middle; ride a horse (they have a species all their own which has 5 gaits not 4 like ours. Experiment with the fish recipies. find a festival or two to go to.<br />
<br />
You'll have a good time