Nobody Has Ever Had A Crush On Me.......

I am now 23 years old and no guy has ever had a crush on me or said that they have a crush on me. I guess im not that hot to like or consider liking as a date. It sucks coz girls all had guys who fancied them or was shy of them but me never!! If i go to the mall with my friends,guys notice them and ask for their number,etc. But me..well im just invisible ......i feel like a fool sometimes. It doesnt help with my confidence either. I have big teeth that sticks out of my face when i speak or laugh and once i caught myself laughing in the mirror and it wasnt pretty. I never went for braces as its too really gets me down. And five years ago a tv fell on my head causing me to forget things easily and headaches come and go. Its hard for me and if i had to be in a relationship,the guy would probably cheat on me or leave me. So yeah i never had a guy who had a crush on me..............

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Don't worry about your teeth. Embracing who you are is one of the most attractive things in the world.
One of my closest friends (although there is a very significant age gap) has crooked teeth. I didn't know this for about 9 years, because she has one of the best smiles I have ever seen. She has one of those engaging and authentic smiles that draws attention to her eyes, and it didn't occur to me to look elsewhere until I read an article on smiling and the mouth muscles and got curious. I was shocked when I first figured it out.
Focus on being who you want to be. The rest will follow naturally.

I have un-straight teeth as well due to badly fitting braces as a teen (I WAS Ugly Betty then) I had a gap in my teeth that I hated so i got braces and now my teeth look wonky. I have never had the best teeth in the world but at least they're white and clean. I haven't the money to fix them yet as my job is really bad. I don't seem to have guys get intense crushes on me either for some reason might be my shy personality not many guys seem to go for shy girls.

The fact that you don't find yourself attractive doesn't mean that other people don't find you attractive either. You shouldn' think this way about yourself, each and every person is unique, think about that. do you know any other person exactly like? It doesn't exist. But you do exist and you are unique. It is not some ditail like teeth or nose or anything that makes people think that you are attractive or not. The way you smile can attract them, the way you talk, the ideas you have. Maybe you are very kind or smart or have many other advantageous and that's what is important. And it's true what the previous comment says, maybe someone did have a crash on you, but was too shy to tell you. Maybe I'm not the best person to give advice on this matter as I have the same problem, I'm invisible too, here I understand you perfectly, and I have never been told that someone had had a crash on me, but you should hope. Find a person you like and try to surprise them, make them a bit more happy in some way, maybe they will appreciate that and they will see what a great person you are. Good luck!

I don't know.. if I were you, I wouldn't be so sure about it. Chances are the words just never got to you.<br />
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I've had the unlikeliest people telling me years later that so and so used to have a crush on me and I never would've guessed.