Forever And Ever

Not one has ever understood me. I get that. I'm so used to people not understanding that I just shrug whenever I notice it. That doesn't bother me. As soon as I realized it, I accepted it whatever. But that's not what bugs me.
What really gets to me is when they try. My family tried to understand me, they really do. But they don't get the part that they need to. I am better off alone. I was meant to be along. There is not happiness without suffering. Someone has to suffer and someone else deserves happiness. Not me. I have in a sense, vowed that I would take pain from other people. That I would take their chains, as much as I could and hold it for the.
My family doesn't understand that this job was MEANT for me. Like I was created for the soul purpose of saving people and making their lives better. I guess that's why I hate what they do. They cannot possibly understand. Their thinking is so different that I may as well be speaking in fake languages. Life would be easier if they would accepted my purpose for what it is.
hurts2much hurts2much
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010