Never Had A Broken Bone!!!

i have never had a broken bone in my body, throughout my whole life!!! it sounds kinda weird, but i always wanted to break a bone in my body, you know, just to know what it feels like, but so far, ive never known what it feels like!!! lol!! maybe one day!!! lol

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14 Responses Feb 19, 2010

hahaha yes, maybe one day *LittleLena* hehe

I'm sure you wouldn't if people told you what it was like! but I'm speaking without knowing for a fact because I never experienced that either. But it's like in a movie I saw were someone said something like: no, you really wouldn't want to be sick! but I understand what you mean about experiencing things in life.

ha ha ha!!! keep trying *Shine*!!!! cos that wont work lol!!!

*tickles Shine and wrestles with her, until i get back on top again, pinning her hands back above her head* now you cant tickle me this time *Shine*, so what you going to do now?

wrestles with *Shine*, gets on top, pinning her to the floor!! what can you do now *Shine* ? ha ha ha

yes, but i can keep running from you!!! you wont be able to catch me!!!

*runs and hides from shine and her dark side*!!! lol

thats good to know *Mother2009*, but i still dont know what it feels like myself!! ive heard its painful, but just how painful is it?<br />
<br />
yes *Shine* im afraid of your dark side!!! lol

oh right, what do you have in mind? lol!! im getting nervous now *Shine*!!! ha ha

ok, thats ok, you can break my arm for me, how's that? lol

oh, i see, this is your dark side coming out again isnt it? lol : ]

something? what does "something" mean? lol

what are thinking of doing to me *Shine*?

yes!!!l lol!! im just that kind of guy, that wants to experience things in life, and one of the things ive always wanted to experience, is what its like to have a broken bone!!! its weird i know!!! lol!!! and i must say as well, that i dont go out of my way, to try and brake a bone, but as i say, its just something that i wonder what it feels like!!!