Not Even a Sprain !!...... Touch Wood !!

I have never Broken a bone in my body.... even tho Ive had some close calls....Ive put it down to i was always very accident prone growing up... and maybe i just worked out how to fall properly ?? 


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I've always been the type to bump into things and fall down. But I've learned to be cautious. I've never had a big accident, but I learn this stuff fast I guess. What I can't seem to fix is getting food on my clothes X.X (how embarrassing)<br />
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Well I've never broken a bone for certain, but I did hit my foot coming down the stairs too fast. I think my "ring" toe may have cracked, never got an x-ray or anything. Coincidentally, I twisted my ankle while hopping around. I succeeded in causing nearly the same amount of pain by re-twisting my ankle or bumping my foot at least 25 times (I'm serious!) in the next couple of weeks till it started to heal up.<br />
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I like to eat my veggies. I only take in milk when it's with breakfast cereals. But veggies are how we're supposed to get our calcium anyway. Broccoli, lettuce (romaine), spinach, celery, anything green with leaves really.

I drink lots of Milk :) Im drinking milk now... and knocking on wood... oww my knuckles

Same thing with me! The first and only time I sprained my ankle was at the age of 25, when I was on a study exchange and all my energy was in my brain (learning new things, speaking a foreign language, meeting new people) and I've never been clumsier! So weird. But so far (knock, knock, knock), nothing broken.<br />
And my brother has broken BOTH his legs--on separate occasions! So it can't be the genes...

Its Good to be flexible !! at any age... Heheha

I haven't broken a bone either (but I'm only 17, so there are many chances left for me to break bones). But I enjoy jumping of 3-4 meter high fences, and running up walls :) Me friends all say that I'll break something SOON :D hehe.<br />
But I've been lucky a few times especially in the winter when the roads are slippery: Once I ran and slipped and was 2 centimeters from hitting my back-head on a pavement corner, but I managed to put my arms back to save me :)<br />
Yeah, maybe it is good if we stop thing about it :) hehe, [I'm sure some cracy dude is now standing outside me door with a club to break my bones just because I wrote this :P]

I was so worried i jinxed myself today... I was being very careful... then i thought .. Aghh i bet its when i think about it it'll happen... then i thought... STOP THINKING ABOUT IT !! hehe Knocking on wood... tap tapping