"I Have Never Broken a Bone"

I have never broken a bone before in my life! I feel very fortunate in that! I did however dislocate my left shoulder back in 1997. That hurt pretty bad it was a pretty severe dislocation and I had to be put under for them to fix it.
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1 Response May 31, 2007

i've broken lots of bones in my life ... as a matter of fact there's not a toe on either foot that hasn't been broken at least twice! eek! kicking down snowmen that ended up being frozen solid - OOPS! running down the hall and turning the corner into an old kirby vaccuum - swiftly kicking it - OUCH! each one of those took out an entire foot. i've only broken toes and fingers tho - luckily but have suffered much worse injuries since and would gladly trade a bad break on a major bone for what i have now. i dislocated my shoulder one year as well ... SON OF A GUN! luckily it went back in all in the same motion but i nearly fainted due to the pain. i'd take a broken toe over the dislocated shoulder any day of the week! but ... for the sake of arthritis in the years to come, thank your lucky stars you've been relatively 'preserved'!