Thee amount of times I have fallen over as a chiled.,[I was very active,daring,]Basikly I wasent scared of anything... But never did I break a bone, I guess Im just lucky And I hope I stay like that//

Love and light..Phoenix xx  ;)

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My 6-year old son, who is pretty active has managed to get some really serious injuries... Poor kid! Once the TV fell on his forehead, and the bump was the size of a cricket ball... after a couple of months it was pretty small, but it took 2 years for his forehead to start looking normal... then he cut his chin when he fell off a revolving chair... another forehead cut when he hit it on the dresser corner... the worst thing was the doctor who stitched up his chin... it was his first assignment I believe, and he worked like a butcher on the little baby... gleefully swabbing the injury hard... and his spray-on anesthetic wore off with the first stitch... the next two stitches hurt the child more than the injury itself... when the senior doctor came in to check, he was shocked to see how this fellow was behaving... I never went to that hospital again... :(<br />
I hope his injuries reduce as he grows...

YOu are VERY fortunate! I coulda joined this group until just last year when I slipped on my son's sippy cup and broke my darn foot! lol. Well, actually, as a teen, I mighta broke my pinky toe, but I never had it checked on, and it didn't bother me after a few days, so who knows! Still, you're lucky, and take care of them bones now!