I've Never Broken a Bone Unless...

Unless you count teeth.  I've broken my front teeth, had them repaired, broken them again, had them repaired again, and broken them a third time.  This time, I'm leaving them that way.  It's too expensive to keep doing! 

I've also fractured my arm once, but since it didn't break all the way through, I don't count that either. 

Basically, I grew up a semi-tom-boy.  I was the one climbing trees in skirts and dresses.  In fact, the first time the teeth broke it was because my friends and I had built a ramp to jump our bikes off, and I was the only one brave enough to test it.  (It collapsed...)

These days, most of my injuries come from working with animals, and they tend toward the cuts and bruises type (though there have been plenty of those that left scars).  It's nice to not have to go to the doctor to have them fixed, but I get tired of the constant band aid/neosporin applications!
Sidira Sidira
31-35, F
2 Responses Jun 22, 2007

You have no idea... Sometimes I think I should buy stock in the company since I use their products so much!

It's sound like you must be a pro at the band aid application at this point though!