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I have never broken a bone, although I've sprained my joints, thrown my back out, had whiplash, been burned (not badly), had lots of surgery, and given birth twice.
My little boy was skateboarding two weeks ago and broke his ankle...I feel awful for him.
My husband's friend flipped his ****** about two weeks ago as well and broke BOTH his wrists...
I'm glad I've never broken a bone because I'm very arthritic (degenerative joint disease all over my body), and I fear that a healed break would give me lots of problems in cold weather and rain...
I really pray that my baby doesn't suffer with his healed break.  He's so young that it would be miserable for him to have to go years and years through his life not being able to fully use his ankle and having aches with weather...
deleted deleted 26-30 Sep 8, 2007

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