I don't understand people who cheat, it's disgusting. I experienced a boyfriend who had a side-thing during part of our relationship, because he was THAT desperate for sex (seriously, you'd have to be desperate to put it in THIS chick!) and it was pretty effing obnoxious dealing with the drama that that crazy b brought into our lives. This is why I now find myself in the category of "I have a stalker." To this day the "other woman" wishes death on my child, posts about me on her internet profiles and makes up stuff about my life. Seriously guys and gals, don't cheat on your significant other. If you're THAT desperate to get laid when you can't get home, break it off or do what normal people do and take the situation into your own hands... ahem. Cheating makes you a sh*tbag.
Cindell Cindell
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

It's great how genuine this post is like it has personality in it ha just saying. And I'm glad you said guys and gals it bugs the snot outta me when ppl are so oblivious they think only the opposite gender cheats, and yes, cheaters are sh*tbags

I totally agree. There is no sex that cheats more than the other. I recently read a survey where about 50% (plus a few points) of both men and women admitted to having an affair while being married (WHAT THE HECK!?). So, it goes to show that both sexes can be dogs and it's equally as d*uche-tastic regardless of sex!

And I appreciate that you like the personality I sprinkled in there. I can do a decent job of telling a story if it's something I feel strongly about!