I Can't Imagine Doing It.

Cheating. I am not a cheater and haven't even thought cheating! I have been faithful to the man I was married to and feel good about that.  I feel that it is the most disrespectful, unloving act that anyone can do to a person whom they "love". I have not been "cheated upon" so I guess that Karma has been good to me with that.

My first husband was a **** addict and it affected by self-esteem; I would imagine that if I multiplied that by a thousand or two that I would have been affected this way if he had cheated on me. I am so sorry if you have NEVER cheated and then have been cheated on...how unfair. 

I don't understand how non-cheaters take their cheaters "back". I wouldn't. The "ultimate" breach of trust would have been destroyed. I had told my past husbands that if they cheated, they could leave altogether. In ways, I had WISHED that they had cheated on me; it would have been an easy out for me. 

No, I am NOT the cheating kind; I love and am truly faithful to my husband. He deserves it. 
fightn4me fightn4me
46-50, F
Apr 30, 2012