Twenty Five And Waiting

I have never I had a date either. I know I'm young.. my time will come. But seriously? The loneliness is frustrating as hell. I hate being around my cousins you are in loving relationships, and I loath Valentine's Day. I've tried, temporarily, but I tried eharmony. What a joke. I barely had any matches that fit what I was looking for. I'm not picky, really I'm not. But I do like a certain type of guy.

I'm so tired of the line, the right guy for you is out there. You know what I say to that? WHERE?

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Know how you feel I am 35 and waiting too! Try and find happiness in other areas of life like hobbies, hey you just might meet someone that way!

I meant 25 lol

I'm 25 and I have never dated someone either. I wish my friends and family have told me "you will meet someone" or "the right guy will come along"... No! What they keep telling me is "You're too picky" "It's about time that you find someone" "You should charge your batteries and do something about it" and the cherry on top of the cake is my mother's almost daily line "I don't want you to die all alone"... seriously... Is it soooo hard to understand that maybe I'm just not looking for "any guy", but for a guy who shares similar values and ob<x>jectives in life? I have reached a point in my life where "fulling around" is not an option anymore. Dating younger guys, guys without a university degree or without a job is no longer an option. I'm not saying I'm looking for "a husband", I'm just saying that, if I were to date someone, that someone and I have to at least have been through similar experiences in life, such as university training and work experience. Of course there are also personality features I also find important such as smart, respectful, sweet, good-listener and hardworking. At this point I find it essential to be able to picture myself and this other person as being able to have a future together. I repeat, I'm not looking for a husband, but a person who is worth the try.<br />
I know it might sound like "too much" to ask, but I really don't think so! <br />
I do believe there's a "someone" for every person, and I'm sure that this "somebody" will eventually come to light :-)

Yes. I completely agree with you. The line is not convincing. It's frustrating as hell!

Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. The "you will meet someone" comment isn't all that convincing at all when I've barely gotten more than a second glance in my whole life, while plenty of others our age or younger are in loving relationships.