Growing Up In the 80's

Being a musician I have been around drugs my whole life. More than most people will see in a lifetime. Back  in the 80's we actually had a guy who would roadie for us just so he could sell drugs to new people in the next town. Having said this, I never even had the slightest urge to try them myself. I got to see up close and personal just how messed up they could make you be so for me it was an easy choice. I never want to be so out of control that I can't remember where I am or what I've done.

 If there is a funny part to this story it's that in the 80's I constantly found myself in the position of having to justify to people why I didn't do drugs; like my behavior was somehow abnormal. Even my best friend tried to talk me into it once. I threatened to punch him out. Thankfully he didn't become a regular user. Everyone has to make their own choices I guess, but I've never seen any good come of them.

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It's awful having friends trying to push drugs on you. I hated that part of the music scene.

Its a tough thing. I have known people who can use them occasionally and somehow stay in control but it is a fine line and can easily take over your life. I always felt that besides holding little interest to me that if I somehow started I would never be able to stop. That thought alone was enough to keep me away.

Yes. I often refer to myself in the third person too -lol

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A talking lizard :)

And play doh :)

You are right warmth. It takes strength to not cave in to whatever the group is doing. Sometimes it meant I got left out of things but that's ok. I'm very proud that I never gave in to the pressure.

Thank you NT. I am a man of very strong convictions and I stand behind them.