I have never done any drugs at all. Not even pot.
Kailyn Kailyn
31-35, F
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Me either, unless you count medical drugs.

alcohol? aspirin? :)

I smoked one cigarette a month before and I drank vodka but I just quit one day.

Good for you. An occasional beer is all I indulge in, these days...

oh great

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nice. I thought I was the only one who doesn't smoke pot. I hate the smell. but I used to drink in college. go figure.

Thanks I don't like the smell either I never got pressured to try it though.

it probably helps that my mom was addicted to various drugs and I didn't want anything to do with ANY drugs.

yes thats true

I was on a bike and hit by a car (wasn't wearing a helmet). I have made a full recovery since then.


thats good you did , and are well now .

I have never done illegal drugs either. The main reason for that has always been the fact that I was in a near-death experience when I was ten and learned that life can end in a millisecond. Therefore, one should never do things that endanger one's life.

Really? Oh what happened?Yes it's not a good idea to do drugs though so many people take too many.

Well that isn't as bad as some of the other drugs out there though.i don't have a problem with it I've just not tried it.

really i can only wish i could say that. im not gonna lie to you i smoke pot every know and then helps to relax me after a long days of work. i dont smoke it everyday though.

well thats not as bad as some other drugs out there though , and it is used for medicinal purposes