I Have Lived With the Consequences

I had an intimate look at what drugs can do to a person my entire life. I have seen the people addicted rise, fall, and completly hit rock bottom. I have seen good people just wither away. I have lost family members to drugs. I don't care how they claim to make you feel, its not worth it.

ArabellaBlythe ArabellaBlythe
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7 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I had never been in so much pain in my entire life.<br />
It happened during summer vacation, I was sick all of July and half of August. It wasn't only my ear that bothered me though. That ear infection gave me a fever, nausea, dizziness, sore throat and vomiting. After that first week, I lived off of baby food the rest of the month. <br />
I lost a lot of weight. When I went back to school, everyone noticed. Some tried to start a rumor that I had an eating disorder, and others just thought I looked great. I can't remember which one I was more insulted by.

Well, it wasn't as serious as your situation.<br />
<br />
Mine involved Rx pain pills for a freak middle ear infection I got when I was 16. It popped my eardrum, made the right side of my face sore and swollen. It was damn near impossible to eat. For the first week I would just take my medications and sleep. Sometimes I would be out for the entire day. It scared my family.

You too? I am sorry to hear that.

I'm proud to be able to tell people that I never gave in.

I can't tell you how many times I was in the very strange position of trying to explain why I don't do drugs. Like somehow I was out of the norm.

Yeah, sometimes it's difficult because you feel like you're the only one not getting high. Still, we just need to remember how much better off we are without them.

You are so right. Being a musician I have had them around me constantly but have always resisted the urge to use them. It's so easy to spiral out of control.