I should clarify that I have never done ILLEGAL drugs. I was on medication for a brief period of time but I hated and ended up resenting how I felt it stifled my creativity. There is a delicate articulation to be found in misery and suffering. If you doubt that look no further than Sylvia Plath, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Edgar Allan Poe among countless others. The hell we endure at some point or another in our lives, allows us a unique and singular clarity of vision about the world.

So yes I could have stayed on medication and stifled the voices of creativity and the impulses of delight but why stifle that which makes me feel most alive??!!

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I like that too. We shouldn't look for the easy way out when something causes us pain. The truth about meds is that for the most part they only delay you having to deal with your issues. Once you stop taking them then the feelings come back fresh. I experienced it first hand living with someone years ago that decided to go on Zoloft when their father passed away. As couldashoulda said there were no highs, no lows, in fact all emotions were supressed. I hesitate to use the word zombie but in a way that's how they became. Nothing phased them. When they eventually stopped, there were the same emotions front and centre. As human beings we were made to be able to withstand intense emotional and physical pain. There's an old saying that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. It applies here too.

I agree. We grow and become what we were meant to be because of adversity and pain.

I get this. I am wondering whether my two anti-depressants are stifling my creativity. I think about weaning myself off of them.

Been there. Made the same decision. <br />