The Only One.

I have mixed feelings about drugs. I'm one of those people that always want to do something once but at the same time I've seen what drugs can do to people and want no part in them. Everyone at my school, (with exception of the goody goody's) are obsessed with drugs, I feel awkward whenever someone around me starts talking about drugs. I've never really done any drugs except for prescription. I want to continue to stay sober but at the same time the pressure is everywhere. 

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Thanks you guys, this helps and I really appreciate it.

I have never done drugs. My closest friends, including my best friend, does drugs occasionally. They all know how I feel, and don't ask me to attend their "fishing" trips, or trips out "walking". Yeah, I do feel lonely while they are doing these things, but I don't have any shame. I am not the one who has to cover up how I smell with perfumes and sprays, I am not the one that has to get an extra shower before my parents get home, I am not the one that has to explain to my friend that while I was high I dropped the rest of his drugs, this I am proud of. I have enough stress in my life, and not having to worry about all of the drug issues helps. Stay strong, you won't regret it.

Honestly after doing a fair share of drugs in my lifetime, I can say that I wish I never had. The biggest problem is that they divert you from your original trajectory in life. Self destruction is bad, hands down , end of story and drugs may enlighten people for short periods of time but they simply aren't meant for healthy natural neurological growth. You might make spiritual leaps taking something like Psychedelics but without the proper preparation and guidance, you are simply destroying your body. I don't know why people need to mood alter, I think drugs only serve a capitalistic imperative to be quite honest, but we are a society of consumers and political pawns; drugs are part of the business model, don't kid yourself.

Once you do drugs, the pressure will even be worse, like Pandora's box. I never did any illegal drugs and I am so thankful that I never did. <br />
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My brother is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, and I cannot stand to even be around him because he is in so much agony. He does not care about anything else. <br />
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I am proud of myself for never doing drugs, but somehow, I was never offered any during my most vulnerable moments. Stay strong, you will be all the better for it.

I watch that show every single Monday as a reminder of how bad drugs really are. I know in a few years I'll be able to look back on my high school experience and say "Wow, I was the only one who didn't do drugs, and that's something to be so proud of." also my best friend is drug free as well and that's a huge help for me to stay clean because I know if I ever started doing drugs she would leave me and I'd have no one. I just need to make it through these next few years and then I'm golden. I appreciate your kind words.

DO NOT DO DRUGS! They will destroy your life! Have you ever watched the show ( A&E channel I think) called Intervention! If not do so, and see how addicts look and live! It's terrible. They lose the respect of their family , friends, lose sight of their goals, and everything takes a back seat to getting the next high! It doesn't take but one time to get addicted so never start! There is nothing wrong with being Drug free!