One Weekend I Joined Every Group That I Felt Applied

And this was one of them.

Now I'm attempting to write a story for all my groups and this one came up.

So, It's true, I have never eaten elephant testicles. Additionally, I think that I would decline them if they were ever offered to me.

It just doesn't strike me as being food...

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2010

people eat goat testicles in my country Indonesia :)

I've eaten breaded snails before, as a culinary oddity, they were palatable. Insects and organs are way down the list for me. I've been pretty hungry a time or two, but I never felt the desire to eat a bug ;)

OH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
The rumor was out there you know..........smiles

me either. I have eaten snails and chocolate covered ants---:) no elephant testicles yet, In Santa Cruz, there used to be a restaurant that served mostly dishes that included insects. I think I got the chocolate covered ants at Original Joes in San Francisco.....Snails you used to be able to get at lots of restaurants....The sea snails were commonly found on any of the beaches around where you live..they are good--but not as much meat as the ones from the garden.