Not In Love Yet

Its just today that I got this bothering thought about my love life;It has been a flat one all through.
Well, I have a long list of men with whom i have had relationships but i think none of them have ever penetrated deep in my heart.
At my age this worries me much.
I get in and out of relationships anytime i feel like and i never worry of how much i invest in any of them.
I get exited the very first days and have no idea how this comes to an end.
Its worrying me how i point out defaults in every other guy i meet.this is a prove that i haven't fallen in love yet.
I hate being alone yet i hate to commit.all my girlfriends have identifiedĀ  love of their lives.they seem so much in love.i wonder why am not and what is it that am not doing to fall in love.i miss to be in love;i really do.
mmarium mmarium
Jul 21, 2011