I'm 24

      I'm 24 years old. I have never had a boyfriend in my life. I have been out on dates with guys. Just no one that cared that much about me at all. I'm not used to having a guy that cares about me in my life. Its all new to me. I have had guys that hav erun with their tails between there legs. When they ahv eheard of my health probalems. But not this guy at all. He cares so much about me. Its so sweet. I wish that i had meet him a long time ago. Then I would be calling him my boyfriend. Right now I'm getting used to having a long distence relationship. I have been getting to know him more and more. With out wanting to have sex with him at all. That can wait untill I'm married.
      I have never really been into boys when I was in high school. But now I'm into them. Would like to just go out on a date with a sweet guy. I don't know when that will ever happen at all. I always thought that no  one would want me at all. Just because of my health probalems. That I would never have kids at all. Maybe some day I will be able to have the family that I want with a sweet guy. I don't care of I haven't dated anyone that much at all. I'm tired of guys that may want only one thing from me. Thats not me at all. I just want some on ethat will treat me with respect and like a princess that I am.
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I think because of where you live the whole procreation thing is important with men. I am guessing large Mormon population. I would suggest instead of bringing up a medical problem I would say you are not interested in bearing children but open to adopt. That allows the other person to know without knowing the personal details. Let me know if you want to talk more.

I hope you find what you wish.

I live in Utah. I am now 25. still no boy friend.

I dont know where u live but i might be able to help I d like to ,if u r handy I mean not too far like in usa or canada or japan some places i can travel to any way we still can try , good luck