7 Years Ago Maybe

Yeah I did have a "boyfriend" 7 years ago when I was 8. But really, we were just friends.

So now I'm 15 going 16 this year. I'm finishing my high school (or kind of) and since I was 10 I've had this "dream" to get a boyfriend in high school, or yeah, experience it.
And now I've only five months, full of tests that I worry about and a social life that I love but still is hard for me.

I've fallen in "love" for one guy that didn't have any kinds of that feelings back.
And now I've fallen for my best friend's ex, and she likes him again and he has never stopped liking her. And I envy her for the attention she gets.

So I'm really doubtful my "dream" will come true and somehow I also feel I'll never have a boyfriend.

Rawa Rawa
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2008

same with my best friends. i hate it. and the thing i hate the most is her mom thinks she can have anyone she wants. she always says "that guy is next in line for you if your boyfriend messes up" that irrates me sooooo bad. and the guy she was talking bout was the guy she was talking. and my other friend told him. and luckly he said "not cool, im not interested in your daughter" haha. yet then, my friend that told him(jessi) he likes her and she had to tell him she doesnt like him like that