No Boyfriend

so i have never had a boyfriend! I am 22, a student attending on of the best schools in the country. it just happens that every time a guy wants to go out with me they are technically one my friends, and i just cant go out with them!  they are cool people, but i just dont feel any attraction!  when I really think about it I AM happy that i have never had a boyfriend, as I get older i realize what i want from a relationship, and i just know that i wont put up with any jerks!! i just hope that when i do find one , he will be a funny everyday nice, kinda guy!
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4 Responses Jan 29, 2008

I am young but have never had a boyfriend because no one has ever asked me. I'm totally in love with someone right now but again he's a lost cause. My friends all have and have slept with their bfs and I feel left out :(

Dear Rebellion: Just because your friends sleep with their bfs doesnt mean that you have to. Save yourself for the right guy. Sex is very important to a relationship and if its wasted on just anyone even if it is your steady boyfriend it wont be as special as it would be if you had waited. Get married first and make it mean something to the beginning of a family. I hope you understand because I want you to make the right choice in your life and be happy. Your friend Paddle..

at last you have people who like you like that

OMG! It's like you're telling my story (not the lesbian one, lol). The only guys who have ever been remotely interested in me were my friends at some point in time. But let me tell you, not getting together with one of your friends is a smart decision. <br />
I had a major, major crush on one of my friends some time ago and I was stupid enough to tell him about it. Anyway...we got together but things didn't really last that long. And though we're still on "good terms", I really miss being just friends with him. I guess we can never go back to that place again - Something I resent! <br />
Anyway..point of my story...there's are lots of other people out there like you. I guess the only thing we can do is wait for the right guy..

I know exactly how you feel! My aunts thought I was a lesbian when I said I didn't have a boyfriend. How stupid of them. Don't they know I'm going to one of the best art schools in the world...I've got no time for boys.