No Guy Ever Talks To Me

I'm about to be 21 yrs old, and I've never had a boyfriend in my entire life. I'd love to have one though you know to have someone really know me and love me for who I am (my family doesn't they practically ignore me) I get jealous when I see or hear people talk about their boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. And practially everything on t.v. is about people have boyfriends and girlfriends how they're so in love and breakup but eventually makeup again so I'mm surrounded by all this all the time when is it my turn to have a boyfriend?

I've never even had a friend who's a guy before all guys ever do when they see me is ask if they can borrow a pen or pencil. I fear that I'll be this really old dog lady ( not cat lady I hate cats) and still have never been on a date, kissed or had a boyfriend *sigh* I'm going to die all alone
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Think of it as being different, in a colourfull way. I mean, why follow the crowd? Why get a tatt when almost everyone has one? I have never been in a relationship either or had a "brother", and get jealous too of others with a partner, im not going to hide that haha :P but being independent gives me so much power and drive! I hope it does the same for you to.. :D

Thanks for your comment knightfall. As for you sophrai I don't have any friends,and gifts and blessing that I have are very few and have left me,and you have no idea how much the gift of life means to me. I don't know if I'll find my soulmate but I hope I do.

just try to be yourself. No pretending. And try being generous. I guarantee you that you will find your soulmate rather than a boyfriend.

im in the same boat you are. I have never been on a date, never been kissed nothing. I am about to be 22 and im feeling like its never going to happen.

You have plenty of time to find a boyfriend - and no, you're not going to die all alone.<br />
It may help if rather than focusing on what you're missing, focusing on what you have - all the gifts, the pleasures and blessings, your friends who love you, the gift of life itself. I think the autonomy and serenity that would lead to, would be the most attractive thing you could offer another person. And out of the people who find THAT attractive you will be found by that special guy. Have the relationship with yourself you've always wanted, the one which is the most loving and rewarding to YOU, and share that with those around you. It takes practice. Don't get discouraged. Your relationship may be closer than you think.

Guess what? me neither.... :'-(

hahaahah im 23 and i never had a bf either :0)