Never Had A Boyfriend...but Kinda Proud Of It... Was Not Distracted.

Ive been asked out a lot of times. Talked to boys. Had friends as boys. Still have friends as boys. I just never went down the path of being in a relationship with a guy because I am so busy with trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life. A guy wanted to be my boyfriend but I rejected him because his personality was very controlling and he was not very smart. Oh well, Im sure theres a smart and handsome man out there for me. ;)
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Handsome is one thing, but beauty fades. You have not met the " one " yet, and that is all. Everything has a time, and a season. Being single is not bad. I am sure, that God wants you to get everything done that you need to, or that you want to now. School, Trips, get it done. Get yourself right first. THEN, and only then, will a man who is Godly and humbled enter your life. Women are in such a hurry to be with someone. Being alone, they are afraid of, don't be. Take a deep breath, and maybe when you get a chance, check out They are wonderful.
God Bless

Plenty of time for this in your life. My suggestion, date lots of guys, casually, and make a note of the qualities you like and dislike in them so that when you're ready to get serious you'll know exactly what to look for. And DON'T get serious until your late twenties or early thirties! <br />
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Anyway, you sound like an intelligent young lady so I'm probably preaching to the choir!

thanks:) good advice

i also never had a bf, im also proud of that though i think it's a bit silly XD