I'm Still Alone

It's strange kind of feeling, because I like loneliness, but sometimes everybody needs someone. My relationship with other people are terrible. People still expect something from me, but I don't want to change my all personality to be a better woman for example. What does it mean to be better woman? I'm not going to pretend a beautiful sex bomb 'cause I am not. A lot of men think that if I am interested in painting I'm crazy and fun-loving person (it's a stupid stereotype in my country ) but it's untrue ! I have a lot of problems to keep a long - term relationship with men, because I'm a virgin and they couldn't understand or accept it. Unfortunately I have never met a man who I could trust. My friends say: " you are pretty, you're young ... you'll find someone" . It's easy to say . I meet a lot of people everyday, but I'm still alone.
meganza meganza
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hey lol we have alot in common , see my profile .and my questions :)

Are you teachable ?

do you want to change?

I wish I could - but it's extramely big challenge for me

Is loneliness your best friend ?

at the moment - yes.

Here's a quote from me Meganza: "Being yourself is the key of any manifest of recognition."

you should read this too a good story...

I appreciate your quote thanks.

I'll try to check this link too.

Anytime. ^_^

I know how that feels like (Read my story about shyness) i used to beilieve distance is good and safe, i used to sit there and take care of my own business.That's will only keep you away from every one it took me years to realize that.No one wants to hung out with a sad girl keep talking pushing every body away.So try to change a little bit, try to talk more let the world know that you are alive.so You never had a bf before so expect that will make mistakes, do blame your self it's your first time (i made some realy stupid mistakes).With ever mistake we learn but you will never learn if never tryed.Trust me ;-)

I had a bf before ? Interesting ... I didn't know .

be yourself girl and you dont care about anybody
work hard eat well and f00k what people think

may be you need someone from far who can accept you as you are. Not ask for sexual things and just try to be your best friend first.

Ja sie zmusilem z pania kto'ra nie miala wielkiego wyboru. Zwiazek kuleje, ale sa dzieci i jest dom, czyli rezultat osiagniety, a szczes'cie i tak trzeba w sobie znalez'c'.

bardzo "pocieszające" ...

First off, stop listening to other people! Who cares what THEY expect; you don’t live for them. People will say you're "abnormal" because you don't fit into what THEY think people should be like. (Ever notice that it’s always the married ones or the ones in relationships who give you this “sage advice” on how you should be?) It’s NOT easy for a shy person to meet other people. Only outgoing people will tell you that - a shy person never will, as they know better. <br />
If people can't accept you're a virgin, then forget them, as that doesn’t really matter. There's a lot more to life than sex (no matter what others say or what you read). This world is so hung-up on sex that it’s missing the real part of a relationship - the connection between 2 people. Sex WILL wait! What really matters is YOU (the person inside), not your body or its functions. Just be yourself; do what YOU like doing (painting, writing, photography or whatever).<br />
I know how lonely life can be. I have been lonely all my life and long for companionship, (I’m 48 and never even had a girlfriend – too shy). Personally, I hate the lines, “oh, you’ll find someone” or “there’s someone for everyone”. I’ve heard these (and many more) all my adult life and I’m living proof that they’re not true. As I said, do what you want to do. If you find someone in the meantime so-be-it, if not, at least you’ll be enjoying your life. Yes, it’s hard being alone (especially when your friends aren’t), and yes, everyone needs someone (whether they think so or not). Unfortunately, not everyone “gets” someone else, and many who do don’t appreciate the “gift” of companionship they have.