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can't get a BF because sick males hate hot women

so i cant get a boyfriend because im too beautiful...all men want to do is abuse torment screw me over that's it....its just not very fun. You think-- beauty---men want BEAUTY...they are ATTRACTED to beautiful women...but they aren' run away from desire...literally. Most males would rather have sex with a transvestite than a hot girl....i know because im THAT hot girl and im a virgin in my 30's....the only guys who might like me are the SUPER ugly weirdos...totally ugly losers...who you want to shoot....worthless crap idiots....and even THEY just want sex from me. being a beautiful woman...all you get really is....ugly guys who try to use u for sex and decent looking guys who abuse and shun you...that's it....oh yeah it's lots of fun. I cant even get a boyfriend...its like a joke or HATE me...ive never witnessed anything so crazy in my life. I look like a playboy model...super hot men like me-- oh heck no...they find ways to mock terrorize and torture me nothing's not fair and it's crazy..... i wrote this to some loser who messaged me online.....just me ranting to him....he was talking about all his ex wives and really??? you can get wives and kids???? anyone can...except super hot women...and then when i see a hot woman HAVE a boyfriend..i think...oh threy CAN have BF'S???? then i feel even WORSE... is this a parallel universe or something???? then crazy males literally think they can abuse me... i had some psycho abuse me online...because i didnt want to date the ugly retard...but he was so fuking UGLY??? omg...and a LOSER and this nutjob though ta girl like me....nice good person would date sh*t like that...and not even that he harassed and tormented me for it's nuts....why do men abuse beautiful kind women...something really WEIRD is going on here...then...while men reject abuse insult torment me...they say something is wrong with ME because THEY are abusing me-- i mean WTF is going on here again??? men abuse torture reject degrade a gorgeous kind woman then justify it and blame her for the abuse THEY are doing...just random males???? this is crazy sh* accused of being bad a b*tch mean....because men are ABUSING and rejecting's crazy....evil horrid weird stuff....

wow do you people meet others and get relationships??? i cant even get a 2nd date half the run away from gorgeous sweet nice...pretty treat me like a leper and run for the hills... others just like to abuse or screw me over-- i cant even get a's crazy...but everyone else can manage to get 2,3,4 husbands/wives...why is that??? am i cursed or something....i assume so..b/c a gorgeous woman who men run away from just because she's gorgeous makes no sense.... men are so turned on by me..but they just torture and abuse me..they dont want to date or be with me and worse...they act as if im using them if they take me to dinner....they cant even buy me's nuts..but they will give everything to other women and let women steal from them bu accuse me of being a user....what is going on here..

all i have wanted my whole life was a boyfriend...i cant get a boyfriend.... not even for a week....i cant meet a stunning gorgeous hot a model...i look like a down to earth..laid back nice...kind sweet nice loyal either 1. try to use me for sex for their gratificaiton 2. run away from me 3. try to abuse or control me nothing else... i either get treated like a hooker or a freak... by every male on this not joking....there is no guy who will date me....even a 57 year old man used me for three torture and mentally torture-- men love to mentally torture me.... that's it....most won't even have sex with me...unless they are trying to use me for sex...most men reject or make fun of me.... its a crazy weird parallel universe but it's starting to really get to me....dont men want a stunning beautiful sweet kind woman??? loyal i too perfect? a man or some men say "youre too beautiful".... i mean this is starting to get to me now....that i cant even get A boyfriend???? im in my 30' of my life....everyone else can get married have kids get treat me as if im inferior....this is really nuts...

yet everyone else talks about their marriages relationships....most ppl i know can just meet someone..anywhere anytime...they go from one relationship to the i cant get one boyfriend period... the only man who dated me just mentally tortured me never hung out with me used me charged me money to see me....tortured me sadist style... used took used the most horrible way...nevber had sex with me....degraded me...this is all i get---extreme degradation abuse horror.....ive never heard of anything this bad.... dont men want to be with a beautiful woman??? sexually i'd think a girl as hot as me is a fantasy/dream for a guy but all males seem to want is to abuse torture control me.....

then, im treated as if somethings wrong wtih me b/c i cant ge ta boyfriend....when all men do is run away from me...i thought beauty was a good wanted attracts the opposite sex...but it doesn' just run away...they're terrified of gorgeous women....they treat me like a freak....its defies the laws of nature....even an old man once said...u dont have a boyfriend??? WHAT??? he was totally shocked...he kept can have any boy you want...why are you single??? HOW are you single??? he was utterly like im ALWAYS single???? men HATE beautiful women???

if i ask men for sex-- they reject me and run away...WTF??? men will **** a tranny pole...but they won't do anything to me if ask..because i WANTED dont want toive me anything i want...all men treat me this way...screw with my head abuseor torture me...ive never met ONE male on this planet who has treated me remotely normally...everyone abuses me for no im sure you're old average or even ugly...bu you can get 1000 drop dead gorgeous and cant get ONE God damned male on this youcan get why my profile is the way it is....all i meet are psycho men who abuse or reject me....NO matter what
melissa922 melissa922 26-30 5 Responses Sep 24, 2012

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Are you still looking for a bf?

I would like to be your bf

you will find a guy soon dont worry

You're what we call 'the crazy'. Rule 1: Don't stick it in the crazy. Rule 2: Don't stick it in the crazy.

Read what you wrote. You come off stuck up and bitchy, feeling overly entitled and high-maintenance, and you can't even bother with capital letters, sentences, or punctuation. There's much more to a relationship than how someone looks, and I'm sure if I got to know you I'd run away too.

Focus on yourself and making you happy, and someone will come to you. If all you're getting are losers and abusers, it's because that's what is compatible with your attitude and your behavior.

While your rant is a little long there are a few valid points made. Yes, guys are abusers. Yes, guys only want sex for themselves or they don't actually want to do the deed they just want everyone to think that they are - you are a trophy to show off, not to care about. The really undesirable trolls are crazy aggressive about "getting" and will rape and steal from you while calling themselves a "nice" guy that supposedly can't find a nice girl and blame you for everything you never did. I agree and gave you a thumbs up for your candor.