19 And Never Been In A Relationship

Sometimes I think that it probably wouldn't worry me so much if I didn't have friends who were all in serious relationships. Serious relationships that involve planning for summer vacations and music festivals and who's-celebrating-at-whose-house for Christmas.

It scares me that all of these people close to me are beginning to work their lives around that special someone they've found, and that more than anything, it scares me how I will probably never have that. I'm not an attractive girl, and I don't have much to brag about in bed, so it all feels a little hopeless for me. I feel like there's nothing I've got going for me, and I'm scared that in ten years time when my friends are happily married and my younger siblings are starting their own budding romances, that I'll still be where I've always been; progressing at my own pace and just as alone as before.
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18-21, F
1 Response Nov 6, 2012

I am also 19 and still single.Most of my same aged friends also been in a serious relationship.However day by day I watched their relationship getting worse or some just break up.Having a early relationship is don't.Instead of having an early relationship why don't you try to improving yourself ?I know it is very depressing by passing the everyday alone. I experienced it before.However I know that it is not the right time for me. Someday, you will find the one is right for you.Who knows ? You might find him during your daily activities.If you feeling alone,find a close friend that is still not in a relationship to accompany you.