Hope Its Never Too Late

For my 24 years of existence..I never had a boyfriend. It didn't even bother me before. I would always think I have my friends companionship, they are just a text or call away and I am happy being with them. But lately... they all spilled the good news that they met someone. Sharing stories about their new found beau felt like I am left out. I could sense their happiness and joy as they enter the new stage of their lives. As for me... I am a bit envy and depressed..asking myself why i am still single or even never had a boyfriend at this age. As I recall my life back I had missed a lot of chances... At this moment..It seems hard to find the one..I hope Its never too late..
khtiaf88 khtiaf88
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 23, 2012

Don't stress about not having a boyfriend. You're 24...You're only just starting your life and you have so much time ahead of you.

thanks to your kind response!... Yes I will..