Never, Not Even Close.

I am young, and honestly don't exactly want one but when everyone else around you is having one and society makes it feel like its necessary, I kind of do. I have nevr had a boyfriend in my 14 years of living, well a real one. In 1st grade, calling your crush your boyfriend and him calling you girlfriend isnt exactly a relationship. I am also very boy crazy, my hormones are at their craziest, and every attractive boy I see I instantly think of the word boyfriend, but I know that I am not ready for one, I am mature enough for one but I rahter focus on my studies, cause in 4 years when I graduate and go off to college I may have one then, but right now I just want to make it to my dream school and have a clear path with no drama.
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It takes a lot of courage to admit to yourself and others that you are not ready for something. I applaud you for being brave enough to do that. I think that you have made the right choice. I started dabbling with guys at the end of my freshman year of high school but didn't start seriously dating until late junior year. I love the memories I have of that time in my life but I wish that I had been more careful with my heart. Believe it or not, your heart is fragile. It does not take as much as you think to break it. I dated guys from my friend circle. I was always good about going back to friends when it didn't work out but that didn't mean that it didn't hurt. I then met and married a guy during an unstable time in my life. A word of advice. Calmly examine how a man effects you before you get involved. Look at who you are when you are with him verses who you want to be. If he doesn't help you come closer to the person that you want to be, it's a decent bet that you shouldn't be with him. The wrong guy can take you so far away from yourself that it will take you years to find your way back.

Again, you are strong and brave. Keep it that way.

Wow, this made me smile a genuine smile. Thank you, for the advice, yes, hearts are fragile I honestly thought mine could never feel pain but it did. Thank you, I hope you stay strong and brave as well.

I'm glad you got something from it.

Wait for college.

Suddenly, reality hits you like a ton of bricks (and it's a welcome feeling!) and you come to the realization that all the cute guys go to college. And as a bonus, everyone's reasonably more mature in college ;P

I heard, and yes, they have to be mature, all these highschool boys only like girls for their appearence and only want one thing, that will never happen. Thank you though (:

Now that is maturity! Trust me, stick with this. Boyfriends are for dummies that don't care about school and think of it as one big social playground. You won't stay with any guy form high school anyways.

The college boys are going to be cuter, and they have cars ;) I am waiting until I get to MIT to find my boyfriend, and even then I'm going to be picky because I'm not cheap.

Haha, thank you, im trying (: and yeah, I'll wait for the better college boy's, a mature boy. Wow, MIT is a lovely school (: you must be very intelligent, and very respectable, I have high standards and very picky as well.