I Asked Santa For A Guy For Christmas....he Got Me Socks.

Every time I start to get those butterflies for a guy the first thing I picture is bringing him home for the holidays. Its stupid soooo stupid. right? but it happens everyyyy time. I was joking around with my cousin and he asked me on thanksgiving what i wanted for christmas and I told him I wanted a dude. lol so then I stuck with that and was hoping and wishing lol Christmas day finally came and well I text over 50 people Merry Christmas!!! the majority men. I got tons of responses and just one of them text me the whole day. I do love him a lot he is my best friend. But I feel like I physically needed someone there. I picture "him" and i at my grandmas house, on the couch with his arm around me, him in a suit and tie and me in a pretty dress, talking quietly and smiling at each other while tuning out the Christmas chaos :) Kissing under the mistletoe. Ive always wanted to do <3 and Every single year when I hear "Last Christmas by WHAM!" I think of the current guy I like and picture next christmas singing the song about him. I hate that I do it but its like I know what the outcome will be. And no one to bring home for Christmas.......means no one to kiss on new years :/
This wish of mine is also part of the reason I get depressed around the holidays.
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Don't get depressed.... Call me nest time.

Well.... Take it from this 54 year old that felt like you for the first 30 years of my life!..... Ummmm... Stop. Yes, stop. You are looking for someone to impress your family at Christmas, Albeit that Christmas is MY favorite holiday... I did this same thing you are doing for YEARS!!! And guess what? It never worked..nobody EVER liked whomever I brought home and do you know WHY???? Because it wasn't anyone my family knew I would be serious about...and you know WHY??? because I was so worried about what my family and friends thought of the guy I chose that I wasn't choosing the guy I wanted.... the guy I WANTED..... and the Christmas I Wanted... and the Life I Wanted..... So just an observation honey.... don't picture "HIM" at your grandmas house.... Picture "HIM" making YOU happy and that's that..... Yeah? .

U didn't listen to what I said! I have never brought anyone home before! I'm not trying to make anyone like "him"! And I'm not trying to impress anyone! Did I say that???? Nooooo! And him being with me on christmas would make me happy. And I put "him" in quote because I don't know who that him may be. He's not going to be a pretty decoration to add to my grandmas house. U didnnt listen. U didn't read it at all! U are just too wrapped up in comparing ur story to one of my things I want to check off my christmas wish list!

Oh bs... I seriously doubt you are not gf material.. you got a lot to read so gimme a while

Hope this year it's stockings,hope you wear them and your prince gives you a foot massage before trying the slipper on!
Would you consider adding me?

You're lucky. He brought me underwear

i got that too actually lol

So, we have that much in common at least.
I never had a gf either

All I read was "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH I'm sexy as hell and as soon as guys stop being douche bags and treat me like the princess I am, you can all go to hell" :) hehe

you pretty much nailed it except for the princess part. Im aiming for queen ;) lol jk jk

OOOOHHH BURN!!!! haha... but if you're a queen, you can't be waiting for "prince charming"...cause you'd have a king...and he'd be an old grumpy shrivelled man... so stay a princess and your prince will find you :)

maybe I like young princes lmaoooooo im kind of a cougar queen hahahaha. I currently like a few guys that are younger than me. lol but i see what your sayingggggg :)

WOW...PLAYA IN DA HOUSE!!!! ... "...like a few guys" haha... so do you just get to pick which one is the best???...

Thats the beauty of being a queen ;) lmaoooo nooooo Id drop everything for a certain sos but idk where its going. so thats why i got my options open.

sos???... what is that...like Son Of a Stud :P haha ← I don't know what I just said...that is totally awkward :P ... you need to talk to said man and be straight with him..."Listen here dummy. Either you make me your princess, or bugga off" :) That is how guys need to hear it...straight to the point...no beating around the bush...

hahaha i have no idea what u meant by that. not awkward but u know im gonna bug u about that one from now on. :D but ive triedddddddd to talk about it and he knowssssss i love him but everytime I question him about something he always says "why do you have to make things complicated" and then we get into a fight lol he just confuses me and i told him that.

You bug me, I poke you with my finger in your forehead while you sleep :P haha ... STOOPID guys right...maybe he is only 18 years old mature...but wait...we're 18 right :P haha...you naughty cougar you :) ;)

oh thank god u said finger. lol
ohh yeah your right we are 18 sooo its fineeeeeee :) i feel like a cougar, lol

What would I have said other than finger???... What else could I poke you with? :P What does a cougar chase? And if I chase younger girls, does that make me a cougar too???... :-o

lmaoooo lol welllll a cougar chases younger men. well i dont chase the younger men just seem to like me or like wayyyyyy older men lol i have no one my age lol and u would be considered a PERV. lol

They "just seem to like you"...sure, sure... I bet you have a T-shirt that says "I'm a cougar...come and get me" And yes I am sure that is it...you're the only 26 year old in this world :P haha... And I'm only a PERV if I get caught :-o OOOHHH that is bad!!!!

heyyyyyyyy u suck. lol well i actually have a "cougar" tshirt. it was the name of schools sports teams we were the cougars lol i feel like im the only 26 year old in the world buddy. If i knew other 26 year olds do u really think id be on here right now???? pervvvvvvv

hahaha...where would you be if you knew other 26 year olds???... And wearing that T-shirt to the bar makes it not count as a sports T-shirt anymore :P ... and how do you know I'm not 26? My age range says 26-30...

i would be out exploring the worldddd. lol hahaha but ur right though i dont think ill be wearing that shirt out any time soon. lol and you told me you were 28.....i dont forget much ;)

BLAST!!! I forgot I told you that...must be my old age :P Exploring the world...been there done that. It isn't as much fun as home...and NOT NEARLY as much fun as EP :)

hahaha ur old age. lol think like an 18 year old duh. lol epppppppp is a lot more fun at night then during the day thats for sure hahaha

If I think like an 18 year old there'll be no blood going to my head ;) haha...naughty, naughty...HOLD ON...that's all guys :P haha. Oh well...I'll just stay on EP till I get kicked out...or like you say, till the sun comes up and it is boring :)

hahaha well i can barely read the screen anymore my eyes are tireddddddddd. but ill talk to you soon. byeeeeeeeee

Chow for now...have a good sleep...

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I feel for you. Have you told this guy how you feel? Maybe he has feelings for you also

well its complicated. Its not just him its been like this every year. but we both have the same feelings toward each other but it only took him moving away for us to realize it. He is a few years younger than me and I work in the same building as his dad. We both tell each other that we love one another but I just wish he was here. I miss him soooo much. I need to see him. its been way to long.

I feel the same way. It's been like that for me for the past 3 years )): feel you girl! Hope things work out for us in this upcoming year!

thank you :)
Hope things work out for you too

I know exactly how you feel. Every holiday, I hope that I will have found someone, but I tend to just come up empty handed. If you ever need someone to talk to let me know.

Yeah I didnt get anyone in time for christmas either :/

My girl and I broke up 2 days before Christmas and I spent all of Christmas alone in my Apartment while LA was partying. I know how you felt.

:/ Its a crappy feeling. Im deff sorry to hear about ur Christmas.