3 Strikes Your Out

Although I have had boyfriends (3 to be exact), I try not to coun't any of them. I dated a guy on and off for 4 years spanning from middle school to high school and in that 4 years we never kissed, we rarley hugged and twice held hands. The second boyfriend I had got arrested the day after he asked me out and upon getting out of jail dumped me, same deal never kissed never showed any emotion to one another, and never went on a date. And then was my third and final boyfriend we kissed among other things, went on one date and broke up after two weeks.


What do I keep doing wrong . I envy those who have serious relationships.

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1 Response Sep 9, 2008

i truly dawt its your fault. with out knowing any thing about you it will be hard to comment. my name is Ryan i am a 24 and live in Scotland i also have had just 5 so called girl friend none of them serious or loving with one being an exception but it was one sided we were together for 6 months when she just told me out the blue that she fancies some guy i knew. was thinking she was joking or just trying to annoy me i nether thought any thing about it until she told me she had found some one new and left me for him ......................w t f just like that lol .............. when i was in middle school to high school i also had a girl friend for over 3 years my first and in that time i kissed her a hand full of times and the reasons for this was we were to much alike we both were unconfedent we were young so it was OK. we are still good friends and she is marred and has 2 lovely kids now even tho she tells me all the bad-things that bother her in her marige like thay dont love each other and she want to leave him i still envy her whats that all about .. . there are many people that have not had serious loving relationship for different reasons but i think its mostly because ether they don't want one or there the sort of people that are lacking in confidence due to lack of interest being taken in them ,a bad relationship, but mostly because they don't love them self's much so whats the quickest way to gain confidence well its love your self or by meeting new peeps and making new friends and finding out that people like you getting out and about and helping peeps like joining charity's................... this is what i'm doing and i'm getting interest and making new freinds and feeling beter for it but i know i'm not 100% so im just going to take my time and not rush in too any thing or take any unnecessary risks i hope but its hard coz i fall in love with every girl that shows me attention <br />
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being over confident is all ways a tern off ( even if ur pretending apparently) but being unconfident will leave you open to users to take advantage of you and your feeling's being hurt but i think that's a given you are not alone and you are young enjoy your time and love your self <br />
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peace, love and sustainable resources .....<br />
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