Afraid of Dating

I have a family history of succesful relationships. For example, my grandparents got married in thier mid-teens and are married now 50+ years. It is incredibly hard for me to date because of other people's expectations and my own. It is hard to find someone with the same general beliefs I have. I'm not expecting anyone that is perfect by any means though. I'm just too sensitive and I get scared and run away from the men. I just can't help thinking things like what would my friends and family think of this person. I guess I feel like they will judge me based on who I date. It's not easy. And the older I get the more I get depressed about it. I think to myself I still have time and I need to get through school first. But its hard for me to care about school when it hurts so much sometimes.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Just don't have sex, and you will be fine. Go out with a christian, not because he wouldn't have sex with you but because he would be less likely to rape you.

I know EXACTLY what its like, how old are you?