28, Still Alone.

I noticed that many of you who posted stories are either in your teens or early 20's, so it makes some sense that you haven't had a boyfried.  I, on the other hand am edging towards 30 and have not so much as kissed a man.  I know part of the problem is that I don't get out enough, but I refuse to go to bars and such as I abhor alcohol and do not like the kind of people that frequent such places.

On top of this, I have often heard that geeky guys like geeky girls.  I am very much a geek, especially in the video game department.  I'm more of a gamer than most guys, and video games are generally a guy's category.

Still, sometimes I wonder if I'm too much of a geek. :/

Harui Harui
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If it makes you feel any better, 28 and I've never had a boyfriend either. I'm a little different though...I've dated, kissed, and even slept with a few men, but I've never had a true commited relationship. <br />
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I can't seem to find anyone I'm truly interested in and I don't know why. It's very frustrating, isn't it? <br />
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I agree with you on the bar part though...I can't stand going out to bars. The people that usually go out are not my cup of tea. Just feel good that you've got a strong interest in something (video games) where you could possible attend a convention and meet someone. I don't even have that! <br />
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Good luck to you!

Have you narrowed your preference of love interests to "geeky guys" or what? Like Freeflowing stated, perhaps going to one of those gamer conventions is an ideal idea :)<br />
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Best of luck!

wow yeah 26...im 15 so you might thin k im too young to understand and all that, but hey i am very mature. i talk to woman that are in theyre 30s and give them advice they say i always help and they know that i really do understand.,,just go out to have fun not to find a man and when your not looking...he'll see you.

well I did have alot of games but as of late I been selling alot of games to clean out my closet for spring cleaning.. I currently down to 3 systems: xbox, 2 360's and ps2. I think I probably had at least close to 100 games at the most but 300 games!!! thats alot of video games.<br />
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How about whats your top 3 systems? mine are Nes, Genesis, Xbox360.

Oh boy is that a loaded question! XD Well, I've been playing games since the days of Nintendo, and have never gotten rid of one, so I have 271 games! I play every genre except sports and racing games (with the exception of Mario Kart, hehe). I COULD give you a whole list, if you really want. XD It's just a ctrl+c, ctrl+v away!

that sucks,,,I'm guessing there aren't that many gamers in your town huh...where i live Maryland there are too many gamers and it hard to buy new games/systems when they come out.<br />
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what games do you currently own ?

That's good advice, except that I live in a small town of just a few thousand people. :/ The only place that sells video games here is Wal-Mart. XD Although I did go to Video Games LIVE in Chicago a few months ago, but Chicago is an hour and some away.

ahh man....when you do get some money I definitely recommend going. from the stories I've been told you'll meet some interesting characters there for sure. I have never been as well but a co worker of mine went and had a blast. I would recommend try going to some local video game events in your area

I would LOVE to go to E3, but I've been out of work for a few months, and so have no money. I do have an X-Box (and Live), but not many multipla<x>yer/on-line games. I know Left 4 Dead is a good way to make friends, and I made quite a few when I borrowed it from my friend. XD But, I don't own it. :(

why not go to PAX or E3 this year if your into games...are you ever on Xbox Live??

Dont worry. You have plenty of time. Mr. Right will come<br />
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along. You will be so happy that you waited for a quality <br />
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