17 and Alone

ok i'm 17 nearly 18 and i've never had a boyfriend, well except when i was like 5 or 6 but that doesn't count as we were just friends who happend to be a boy and a girl.

family and friends say i'm pretty, but guys never seem to see me that way and well i don't know what to do because i don't want to throw myself at guys ( even if i did i wouldn't have the guts to, or even really know how to)

and i just feel like a loner, especially when people talk about dates and things and i just nod and smile i haven't any experiance.

i mean i know i'm shy but i make an effot to look nice and speak up more, and i try to be myself.

i just don't know what else i could do or if i should just not worry or whether i'm just not the sort of girl that guys like.

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6 Responses Jul 3, 2009

the best thing you could do is not care if you have a boyfriend or not. im bout to be 16 and i dont want a boyfriend till im out of highschool. seriously i think that having a boyfriend now would be pointless because your most likely not going to be togother for long. yeahh just let yor prince come to you...when your not looking youll find it... he will find you.

Exactly how I feel and im 17. It's really weird how this world works and what not how the people you think would never have someone do, and were left with no one and we just don't know WHY. Just hold on and wait for that one guy that will see your beauty and real self and fall in love with that, just let it come to you.....as long as it might take

you sound like me except im 16

"He is out there in the world right now dreaming of you as well."<br />
<br />
Very nicely said! And very true!! :)

I myself never had my first kiss till I was 18 years old. Even then I did not have any serious first love until I was 21. Knowing what I know now I wish I still have stayed single until I have met the girl I am destined to be with the rest of my life. I hope you never settle on any guy except for the one that is perfect for you and loves you with all of his heart and soul. It will happen one day. He is out there in the world right now dreaming of you as well.

Hey, you will be the girl who finds a really good guy who loves you for all your qualities and interests. <br />
<br />
Not the girl who can only get a guy for one night of sex.