Still Single, No Change Yet

Its been awhile and still life hasnt changed its shape or form or anything really, but the one thing which has been in a constant in my entire life is the fact that i havent found my girlfriend or i havent had a girlfriend yet. i am still single and being single feels much like this solid fixture of my life. it just seems so constant and i have no idea if i will find someone to love. uni has proven to be no luck, girls say i look much better with the haircut but so what, its not like they will love me for who i am, every girl i know seems to be taken, the single girls are single for a reason, and i keep feeling more negative when i see couples, especially this girl i liked but turned out to be dating some dude. it really sucks because i just dont know whats wrong with me and i am forver finding out why i am still single, even some guy i am smarter and nice than have girlfriends but i dont, i just dont know whats wrong with me. the girl at my job said that i am the only person stopping myself from getting a girl but i dont know how to fix it, why is it so hard to get a girlfriend? i try to be a good person, i try to be well groomed, i am friendly, i help others, but i havent got a girlfriend, i might have girls checking me out, but in the end i dont want to be loved for how i look, i want to be loved for who i am as a whole, why is something simples like that so hard? and i feel as if this gap is closing on me, as i get older this void to getting a girl is closing. and girls are already finding the love of their life while i am missing out, is life really like this? why is love so bad? why do music and tv make it appear wonderful but why dont i see it that way? too many things i just cant work out. sometimes i feel as if i should give up and just be single and do my own thing, but part of me still wants to know why i am not boyfriend material.

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yes all my gfs have been long distance and im sick of it seeing couples being happy makes me really sad

well im turning in twenty and feel like missed out, but i suppose i just have to do my own thing do things for myself rather than just wait till i find someone, its not so bad being single u can do your own thing used to hate being single i try my best to enjoy my own company.<br />
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some how desperation pushes girls away i i talking crap?<br />
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because some how when u fuss bout it never comes because u want it so bad just engage in something u really enjoy n forget bout it dont seem like such a big deal. suppose sounds stupid to say but loving myself like doing things for myself because its difficult to love someone else if u cant love yourself..sorry if im blabbering hope its helpful its my insight.. if all fails then maybe just join a club or dating site..

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yeah exactly. i sometimes wonder whats wrong with me when it comes to finding a relationship with the opposite gender. i think thats probably my problem, is that i feel nervous and shy when there are females around. i get all tight about it and then it starts showing. i think its a matter of confidence but its just a challenge to feel comfortable around them.

I know where you're coming from. I think there's a lot of us out there (myself included) that feel that we're decent "catches" but just don't have girlfriends for some reason. One thing I've noticed in a lot of stories is that people who have had trouble getting girlfriends are shy and don't know how to talk to girls (again, myself included). Do you feel comfortable talking with girls? If not, that could be a factor.

@ZeeWay hi, thanks for the comment, i have been in a long distance relationship too, over the internet, and your right about long distance relationships, they just dont work, being far away from the one you love can be one of the worst things ever. and like yourself i do get those compliments, but if i am cool and stuff, what else is stopping people from getting a girlfriend? i dont understand what makes it so hard. but thanks for the goodluck and goodluck to you too for finding that right one.