I Have Never Had A Girlfriend I Am 36

Actually i am not from the US, I am from India so my story might sound a little uncommon too, My age is 36 and till today i never been out wit any girl, Most girls i knew wouldn even talk to me cause i was too old for them so i collected a few telephone numbers of girls which my friends gave i texted as many as 8 of them asking them to be my friend 3 of them accepted it  (mind you i ve never seen or know these girls ) all these girls already had boyfriends so they agreed to be only my texting and talking friends and although i wanted to meet them none accepted it ,finally the greatest day of my life dawned when one girl  texted me she Loved me i couldn believe my luck then i called her to meet me but gave me many reasons and avoided meeting me, I used to send her many love poetrys at night through texting she used to say she loved me very much every day and i lived in the dream of this girl for many months we both used to text each other for 5 hours everyday , I knew this woss too good to last finally oneday she sent me a text saying sorry i cant forget my old boyfriend and want to get back to him and next day she changed her phone number, But one thing emotions are always repaying and all my tears over her wont go in vain , She will learn her lesson soon for cheating me , Thanks for reading and sorry for my poor english its just as poor as my love 
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Well, pretty much opposite of you, I ain't an Indian, but I live in India. Sucks, doesn't it? At least you once were important to someone. Do yourself a favor, go back to India. Indians can never fit into the American culture, just like I can't fit into your Indian culture. Go home, increase your chances of getting someone.

There's plenty of hookers in India and I hear their cheap, save your money and sanity dating at 36 is more expensive than the hookers, you're too old to get married

Hmmm are u sure if it was really a girl that texted u. Cos since u have not seen her actually in person chances are some guy may have played with u maybe. My first advice is don't live in a imaginary world man. Come outta it and live the real life. the next thing is if u have money u can get as many girl friends as u wish. So its up to u to decide. If u still wish to be in ur imaginary world then u will suffer like u do now forever.

yeh dude get revenge, go hunt her down and beat her down dawg