The One.

I didn't know whether to update my other story or not, and in the end decided on a new one.

I am 30 (nearly 31!) and still not managed to get a girlfriend. I recently fell for someone who I couldn't have.

It was a girl at work, 7 years younger than me. Absolutely gorgeous. The first time I saw her, I was immediately paranoid about the way I looked. I thought perhaps she might not be a nice person, and it's always easier to not fall for someone who isn't nice, but she was really nice.

It turned out anyway that she was attached and I tried to just let it go, but the more I tried to not like her, the more I liked her. We danced and talked together on a few work nights out, and I've never as good about myself as in those moments - purely down to being with her. It's funny how something like that can mean nothing to one person, and everything to the other. It meant everything to me.

She's left now, and although I have her phone number, email, and facebook I'm trying to get her out of my mind, since I know we will never be a couple.

I've tried to pass falling for her off as me being desperate, and her paying me attention. Dancing with her is the most constant physical contact I've ever had with a woman too, that could be it. I've tried repeating to myself (out loud at home in fact!) that she's not special, just like I'm not special.

I just don't know, I'm going out of my mind knowing I'll never have her. It's had me in tears on a few occasions, and I'm normally very good at not crying! It was depressing enough thinking about never having a girlfriend. It's worse thinking that the girl I'd happily marry today (I know that sounds crazy) is never going to be mine, and that some other guy gets to be with her.

If I could change one thing in the whole world, I would be with her.
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2011

And maybe that's why you're single? Not trying to sound rude or mean, but don't attach your feelings to one girl. If you're yearning for the one and you know the one can't be her, then go out and find that girl. Coffee shops always tend to have people who are single, so try there.

There have been girls who I have worked with who I have liked who were attached/went out with other men. It is never a good feeling to have. I was not as close to them as you are so it did not hurt as much. It is a difficult situation. I am the sort of person who will not go for an attached girl so I understand why you did not. My advice is to delete the facebook, phone number etc or go for broke and ask her out (if she says no then delete all contact with her) anything inbetween will just be too painful. I had a crush on an attached girl and it helped me get over her by unfriending her on facebook. There are plenty of other girls out there so do not give up. I can sort of understand that never having a girlfriend can be depressing and I hope you find one. Best of luck.

Hmmm sounds familiar. So did u atleast propose to this girl you are talking about. You have mentioned that she has left u. By that do u mean that she has moved to some other job or location or has she rejected your proposal. Remember one thing, gorgeous girls usually would have had many propsals. If you have not yet propsed to her then first try to propose her and see what happens. You can't just give up without a try. But be prepared to face the result though it maybe a positive or negative one. If its postive then gud 4 u otherwise do not worry and face it like a man. Time is the healer and so give it some time. Then start looking for someone better. Always remember this, love is a feeling that shud be reciprocated by both the sides. If not its not love and is not good. Gud luck.