I'm Not Sure...

I'm really not sure if I want/need one...I mean, sometimes I see guys with girlfriends and think it would be nice if I had one.  I always get enraged when I see couples displaying affection, and I think it may be out of jealousy.

But at the same time, I wonder what the point is.  I'm always getting mad at couples and thinking they're so stupid (like I said, possibly out of jealousy), but even if it is jealousy, it would be really hypocritical to hate couples and then go off and get myself a girlfriend.

I honestly never really have looked for a girlfriend or even tried to get one.  Even if I did get one, I just wonder what would I do?  I mean, what would I do with a girlfriend?  I don't believe in sex outside of marriage, so sex isn't an option.  But if sex isn't an option, what's the point?  Just to have someone pretty to look at?  I can do that on the Internet.  Someone to talk to?  I have friends for that, plus I don't care for talking anyway.  I'm quite introverted and not social at all.

But at the same time, sometimes I think having a girlfriend would be really nice...but I'm not sure why.

I don't know, I guess I'll just keep living the single life like I have been for the last 19 years.  That's easier anyway.

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Whenever something happens to me, I just try to blow it off and move on with my life. That doesn't mean I don't have feelings...I just try not to dwell on them.

see, that's why you're so complex though! we don't understand how you aren't affected by things like we are.

Guys are simple. Women are the ones who have like 6,075 different emotions in a single day.

haha, absolutely :-) <br />
You might need a girlfriend then. <br />
I've been confused about guys for most of my life! My husband is the most confusing person I've ever met - I don't understand him even after nine years.

Well, I do think some girls are hot. Fun? Sometimes. Interesting? Maybe confusing, does that count?

not offended, deslilentio - just commenting on some things my husband has told me about his youth. He (my husband) said he started dating because he felt like he should. He went on to ask this girl to marry him - because he felt like he should "take that next step" <br />
If you want a girlfriend because you're lonely or because you think girls are hot/fun/interesting...that's fine. But I'm just saying that to want a girlfriend because you think you should (which may not be what he wants - that's just how I took it) will only make things worse in most cases.

i m not sure this section shouldn t be women free. girls, i truly believe your comments are sincere and you may wonna help, but you can barely unerstand what this is about, these guys really don t need to hear lines from weekly magasines for girls atl. "finding a person, mutual understanding..." that s nice, but this is not about insulting women, so don t try to defend yourself. you re a living person, not a tv, ok, we get it. but most guys here are living humans as well, and the problem is the very lack of understanding they encounter in their eg our lives.

You make it sound like getting a new tv or something. It shouldn't be like that. It should be finding a person, and if you both like each other...When I got married, it was because I didn't want to be without my man. He's my soul mate for better or worse, and so we married. It's about bonding with someone, and mutual understanding.

I'm content, but I'm not sure if I could really say I'm happy.

I am definitely the loner type.

In my opinion, people get girlfriends/boyfriends because they feel a need for someone to be there for them when friends can't. For example, there might be a time when you are really down and you need someone to comfort you, it's not exactly ok to have a friend of the opposite sex to hug you and be there for you for days and go to the extent to cook for you and do you more favors than friends do. But boyfriends/girlfriends are more appropriate for such roles. Sometimes, even on normal days where you are feeling ok, wouldn't it be great if someone can give you a cuddle, a peck on the cheek and show that they care for you? The companionship provided is widely believed to be more satisfying than friendship (i think). That's why people usually rank finding romantic love higher than platonic love. It's kinda weird to go out with your friends every 2-3 days, but it's normal for couples to do that. Trying asking a friend that you enjoy hanging out with every 2/3 days, that friend wld prob ban you from their contact list. But then again, if you're the loner type who dun need that much companionship, I guess it makes sense that you don't really need a gf. well.. just let nature takes its course.. Adios!