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Alone In The World.

Im 17 (almost 18) and i have never had a girlfriend. I always thought i would have one in high school. But with this year closing in, the window of oppurtunity is getting smaller and smaller. I know im still "young" but as i look at some other posts and see that some people are in their 30s 40s or even 50s , i think to myself...What if that happens to me? Id do anything to not be alone. By next school year, most of the people, which ive known for many years, will all be dispersed all over the country. Out of 1400 kids ( the amount at my highschool) 1 is my best friend and 4  are good friends... I dont go out much, i dont go to parties, i dont do anything, just stay in my house playing video games.

How will i survive in the world? I want to go back to when life was fun and easy and i never worried...This life so far is not what i want it to be. I don't get why....Why cant i go out more? Why cant I be more social? Why cant i have a girlfriend? Is it because im not attractive? Ive been told im no bad looking and that im funny and sweet. I dont do illegal stuff. I respect everyone. I just dont get it. 

Soon im gonna be left behind while all my friends and peers start their own lives, forced to go through life alone.

"Alone"...I hate that word.
Jak123abc Jak123abc 18-21, M 9 Responses Mar 6, 2012

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i don't want to seem cynical,but high school and college will be pretty much your best years.You should make the most out what you have left,I myself,also lost track of time and high school was over,i had 1 good year out of it though :D.Try and be more confident and don't mind people's opinions ,join a gym.And learn how to drink,cause you'll need that :).Much luck.

I could seriously hug you right now ,I think your in a good spot though I just got out of a really bad spot and I would thank my best friend for that its good that you don't do bad stuff I'm like 2 years younger than you and I already have a past.

Yes! Hug! Im cold and demand to be warmed up xP Thanks for reading. This was almost a year ago; i've been getting better. I am focusing less and getting a relationship and more on the things that currently make me happy. I have my whole life ahead of me. There'll be time for some fun later on ;)

well I don't know you but I would be your friend

:O this actually shocked me. You're so funny, you've only messaged me a couple of times and I'm practically in love with you!!:P no but really if I wasn't a lesbian I would find you attractive. You shouldn't worry about going to college without a girlfriend. I am at the same spot in school, next year you will meet so many other great people you don't need to worry.

There something wrong....I cant stop smiling! =D That right there just made my night! Thanks! Yea, there will always be new people in my life. Some will come and go while others will stay. Most don't stay but thats ok! My friends that I have make up for it...and then some!

honestly, being in a relationship at a young age isn't always the smartest thing to do. I learnt from my rough experience aswell. don't feel bad about it. just take your single days for granted. one day, when the time is right, im sure she will be there. :)

:) Thanks, I sure hope so. I just want the one already. I have all this love and emotion in me and no one to openly and honestly share it with. I also have all this free and no one to spend it with. Gah, one day.

Think about the bright'll be more mature than what you were three years ago. and that's always a good thing..more chances of it lasting.

Sure, ill be more mature, but ill also be less experienced. Im hoping as i get older, ill become less caring of others and be more of myself. I know my personality is attractive but my outer

outer appearance isn't everything. and once you find the right girl, she won't care whether or not you're experienced.
don't be disheartened. :)

Thanks. It means alot :)

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17& alone plz i m 21 and still alone and strong

I've never had a boyfriend, and I just turned 18. I guess it's all about finding the right person. I do understand how you feel tho, hope things turn around for us lol

you sound like a really cool dude to me im kinda like you except im a girl and your a guy.Im sorry you feel so bad *hugs*

^_^ Thanks *hugs*.The friends that I do have say i am. Just everyone else hasnt given me a chance to be myself or get to know me like my friends know me.

Jak, you sound just like me when I was in highschool. I've had every one of those thoughts that you just had so many times I can't even remember. I could say the same thing about myself that you do. Didnt go to parties. I had a good group of friends with one best friend. Never did anything bad. Played video games all the time, even for way longer then HS. Thought I was not bad looking as well... you sound just like me actually... its weird... <br />
I never wanted to be alone either. I went to college and my first year didn't have a girlfriend either. I didn't know what was going on. In my second year, this girl moved into my dorm and somehow we were both in marching band and somehow started talking and after a few weeks I got the courage to ask her out. I was terrified and totally expected her to say no. I was kindof in shock when she said yes. We are still together... (I'm 32) and it still doesn't make sense to me. She's been my only girlfriend my entire life. <br />
I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better because it may not be happening to you... I just know there is hope for you. You sound like a really amazing guy with a lot to offer. HS can be a little bit weird. There is definitely life after HS, a lot of it, and maybe a change of scenery and crowd will be good for you. It depends on what you do with it. I still have trouble being social, and getting out. Its very hard for me, and its taken me a lot of hard work even to start thinking about even being ok with it. I don't know why stuff like that doesn't or didn't happen. It still confuses me... and I guess hurts me still somewhere inside. <br />
Anyway, I totally relate to you and I feel your pain, and if you want to chat or something let me know. There is always hope... a lot can happen, and life is hard and definitely mysterious, and frustrating probably too hehe. But it sounds like you are a really amazing guy, and I don't think that that won't go unnoticed. Best of luck, and don't give up hope. :) Let me know if you want to talk or if there is anything I can do to help.

Thanks, thats good to hear that theres others like me. You do sound kinda just like me. Maybe what happened to you, will happen to me. If so, im excited for my second year of college!
I do hope life gets better. Right now, im not to fond of it.

To be honest its good to know that there are others like me as well. It sounds weird... but it helps me also. I've kinda felt alone a lot too. I'm still working on it even now even with being someone. Its still kinda hard... socialness. Anyway... If you want some advice on things you can do let me know. There are definitely things that have helped me that I could suggest, and if trying to have a relationship is something you want to try to have, then I think its definitely possible as long as you have some hope (and a bit of courage too). I don't think anything's wrong with you. You sound like you would make some girl somewhere very happy :)

Hey, I tired adding you, but it doesnt let me, or even let me view your profile. D:

doesn't let me view yours either... new to the website so I'll try to figure something out. Not sure why...

I dunno... If you want an e-mail that's fine instead

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You shouldn't be so worried about that. I'm in a similar situation, but I'm almost ten years older. I would sacrifice a lot just to come back at least five years back - the time when everything seemed to be recoverable (and I still would be older than You).<br />
<br />
The good thing is that You do realise the problem, so please, use Your time wisely.