Will I Ever Have One

When i was in elementary school in grade 6th and 7th everyone would be girlfriend and boyfriend for a day then find someone new the next day except for me. at that point i didn't care that i hadn't had a girlfriend or even that i really didn't have a friend that was a girl i kept telling myself that in highschool i could meet my first girlfriend because i knew that nothing in elementary school lasted. my time in highschool is about over and suprise surprise i still haven't had a girl friend and any girl that i could call a friend i only know because im friends with their boyfriends. i have been slowly starting to think that i will never get a girlfriend or a sexual encounter with a girl. i havent kissed a girl yet and have never even been close to kisssing one. im shy and cant talk around girls in anything more then a very robatic way of speaking. i wonder if i ever will get my first kiss or my first girlfriend and i would say i have quit trying to get a girlfriend but i never really ever have tried being to nervous and afraid.
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1 Response Mar 27, 2012

Awwww.... I was just like you!!! I was so afraid that I was too shy or geekish to have a boyfriend. I went through a pretty bad depression because I felt so lonely. But then I just got comfortable with being alone. And I got comfortable with just being me. For the first time I had conversations with myself and really discovered what it is I wanted. Then I met my husband when I was 23. <br />
You just need to relax and be comfortable with being who you are. I'm sure you're a nice guy. It's hard making small talk. If you know all the things you like, you can make small talk about that and see if you have anything in common. My husband started a conversation with me about Red Dwarf and Dr. Who. I love those shows, so we got to talking and discovered we had a lot in common. <br />
Don't be nervous. We don't bite. If you run across a girl that walks off or insults you...don't waste your time feeling bad about it. She's the one missing out. <br />
She's out there somewhere. Find yourself, then find her!