22 And Single

I am 22, still a virgin and I have never kissed a girl. only gotten as far as hugs.

I don't know if I will ever find love. Ive been single all my life and I have always wondered what its like to feel/be loved. I have never had any relationships besides long distance ones and none of those have ever worked. they usually end after about 3 or 4th months, not like any of that matters really.

I don't know if I'm living life wrong or if its because I'm average looking and balding or if its because I haven't found the one. I really don't know.

what I do know is I want to be in a relationship and find out what love is all about. to find out what it's like to have some one that cares about you.

this is something that constantly bugs me, no matter how much I talk to my friends about it I still feel the same way about it. everyone tells me love comes when you least expect it. I don't know if there is any truth to that but I think I'm tired of waiting.

I feel so hopeless
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

Reading your story is like reading mine.. I am a 23 year old boy and I am in your exact situation.. I've got several female friends and maybe my problem is that I always tend to be their friend instead of their potential bf but, at the same time, I couldn't sleep with a girl if there's no relationship between us, I need to feel confident when I'm with her and not under sort of pressure. Maybe you feel something like this?!<br />
Anyway I completely understand you and I know that, as they say, we must be more natural and think less.. yes, it's easy to say that it's less easy to do it but maybe it'd be the best way to put an end on our situation :)

You should not worry, I'm 26 and never had a b/f. I think that coming to a place of understanding and accepting yourself helps. I get the same run around from friends too. Its a tough spot to be in when you feel like no one understands. In fact, coming to this site has really helped me realize I'm not alone. Tons of people who are kind, good-looking, happy, healthy people, have never been in relationships well into their 20s...<br />
Love yourself first, be happy, and good luck finding her, nothing is impossible!!!

thanks for all the advice. Cant stop thinking about it right now :(

I am not alone but I am so alone &gt;.