Sngle For 19 Years And Counting.

I've never had a boyfriend, no first kiss, no one likes me, no boy experience, that's about it. It makes me feel sad.
Firebird3429 Firebird3429
18-21, F
4 Responses May 11, 2012

Yes Same Problem Here '

No Girl
No Hugs
No Kisses
No Cuddles
No Love
No Care
No Dates
All My Friends are With their Girls

Story of my life, aside from the fact I'm male with no female experiences.

So i may not be as old but i find happiness just hanging out with people if ur always thinking about how u dont have those experices u can tell people then u miss out on life and plus u dont need a guy to have fun experices. You r ur own person go make ur own memori dosent have to be with anyone. Im going to be sixteen soon and the first thing im doing is going sky diving i may i may be scared out of my mind but im going out and making my own stories. But since ur older go do something crazy like bungy jumpy over the grand canyon?

I know how you feel. Although I'm Male and turning 19 this year.