In Due Time...

I'm 21 and I've never had a girlfriend and I've recently became okay with that.

However, it hurts when it's constantly being thrown in your face. My mother always tell me "you need to find a girlfriend," "when am I going to meet my daughter-in-law," and "everybody else has a girlfriend but you." My mom has, on more than one occasion, accused me of being gay.

Anytime there's a family gathering, relatives always say "You're a handsome boy, I know you have a girlfriend." The answer every time is "no, not yet."

... and there's always these...
Most of my cousins have girlfriends and they often bring them to these family gathering. Someone would always ask me "you still don't have a girlfriend yet? They're getting girls, and you're not."

My female cousins would also bring their friends. Their friends would get hit on by my male cousins and my mom would tell them to save a girl for me. It's like she's calling "shotgun" or "dibbs" on a girl for me... or she would tell my cousins that I would get a girl before they would. These were girls I was not attracted to. It's very embarrassing and I feel like there's a ton of pressure on me.

I've said in previous stories that my self-esteem has always been pretty low. My mom and other relatives don't seem to know how overwhelming low self-esteem can be. I can't be satisfied with someone else, if I'm not satisfied with myself. However, I think I've made tremendous improvement throughout the last couple of years. I'm a lot more social than I used to be. I'm a lot more comfortable getting to know other people and meeting girls. Although, it hurts that this is constantly being thrown in my face, I think it will happen in due time.
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I hear you! Used to be in a similar situation... though by now my frustrations have been replaced with apathy. Somebody asks me why I don't have a girlfriend, I just straight up tell them that I'm shy, insecure and have no game... doesn't make me look any better but let me tell you - being honest about it can really lift a weight off your shoulders. Hope it gets better for you in due time, really do!