25, Baffled & Desperate

I am a 25 year old college graduate and I have never had a girlfriend. In high school I was gearing up to start dating around my junior year and then a wrench was thrown into the mix, my family and I moved away. The next 5 years were pretty much hopeless as my family & I kept on moving all over the place due to my stepfather's job. We finally stopped moving in 2008 & that is when I started college. The good news from that is that I met a lot of amazing people, especially a lot a girls, gamer girls to be exact.

The bad news though is they're all taken. What is a guy like me to do. Ideally I would like to be involved with someone from either college or my hometown. I have had crushes on some from both places but they are either already taken, or don't feel the same for me. As of today I do not believe anyone has ever even shown interest in me in that way, not from my hometown, not from college, not from anywhere and I don't know why.

I am convinced it is either because I am a gamer/geek and am about to enter the gaming industry or its because I'm not some big hulk athletic guy with a six pack. It's baffling to the core because I am told I am charismatic and fun to be around but otherwise nothing. No one has ever asked me out on any date & unfortunately I'm not the type who asks first, mostly because of a severe fear of rejection. As part of my intended career path, I am an artist and a writer to a degree. Is that really a turn off?

Have I ever been in love? Yes I have, as I have mentioned before, I have had a few crushes on some people from both college and my hometown, most of these people are already taken. There are not many left and unfortunately those who are either not interested or the risk is too high. My best friend happens to be one of whom I have a serious crush on, as I said the risk is pretty high.

I really don't know what to do. I don't know why, besides the relocating, I can't get a girlfriend. Is being non-athletic really that bad? Is being a gamer such a bad thing? Am I really that unattractive?
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If you live your entire life in fear you lose, there is no fear in rejection when you realize you actually have nothing to lose. Take on a new attitude where you could care less about what other people think. I believe you should be your own man so to speak. When we like ourselves, we come equipped with a sort of armor, which is impenetrable to others. Nothing wrong with gaming, it's a modern day hobby for women and men alike.