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35 Still No Girlfriend

yep it always seems to be something too nerdy too creepy just not interested too pervy etc etc and i dont have any sisters lived with a single dad so never had any women around to learn what to do. I never get over going to bed or doing stuff alone but i still deal cause i am to chicken to kill myself been there tried that numerous times WOW this is depressing.
ryenmatt ryenmatt 36-40, M 3 Responses Dec 29, 2012

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Omg, you're a hott mess and a lier. So you wear a dress...and have no idea how to be a You call yourself

I don't feed trolls

Lol troll? Better look in the mirror. Damn, honestly hurts. You started it, I'm ending it bye..please stay off my post. Thank you.

I feel your pain, man. Same age, and never had a girlfriend. I don't know if it's the vibes I give off or what, but women just really don't seem to like me for whatever reason. I try not to come off as self-conscious or needy, but somehow they must always figure it out. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of men who are total jackasses and women flock to them. My situation was a little different from yours, as I was raised by a single mother who never remarried. My only sibling was a younger brother, so I never really was able to figure out what makes women tick, and it's not a subject I wanted to discuss with my mom. So here I am, 35, awkward as hell, trying to put an end to this unlucky streak. But no matter what I seem to do, nothing seems to work. I imagine you're going through a lot of the same things. Well, all we can do is try to be positive and not give up, as difficult as that may be. Best of luck to you, and if you want to talk more about this, feel free.

Yeah I gave up. 36 now tired of persuing and wasting life and energy when I could be living my life instead. I just do my thing these days and if a woman is interested in me she will have to make the first move. **** that wasting time and money and bullshit on endless women that just wanna take your money or use you and bullshit. got better things to do these days.

im 19 and in the same boat :( fuckkkkk

18 here and me too :T