I'm 26 And Have Never Been Employed...

I have never had a job ever.
When I was in high school my parents wouldn't let me get a job.
I was/am on disability for social anxiety disorder.
I got married at 21 and my husband has been taking care of me since.
I am now a stay at home mom, and we don't have anyone we trust to babysit nor can we afford daycare.
(I also still struggle with social anxiety-- I never leave the house by myself [not even to check the mail or take out trash] and I don't use phones.)
I feel like I've missed my chance to become employed. :(
sarsardonic sarsardonic
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Hi Sarsardonic,
I know you posted this three years ago, but I still wanted to give you my advise if you still need it. My boyfriend is 21 and suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which has caused him to be house bound, for almost three years now. He has never been employed and hasn't even been able to learn how to drive yet. His disorder gets worse and worse, like most everyone's does as they age, and I just wanted to advise you to get help from a physician and counselor as soon as you can. I know that's asking a lot because my boyfriend still has not gone out to get help because he is so afraid to go out or even call to set up an appointment. I have told him that if he can't do it for himself or for me then he needs to do it for his future children. I know he wants to give his future children the best life that he can give them, so he need to try his best to get himself healthy and feeling better. Anyways, I hope I helped and if you are already feeling better that's wonderful ^_^