Not Interested In Short Term Sex

It would take much more than physical attraction for me to give in to the temptation of a one-night stand. Well first off, I'm currently married so it's definately out of the question regardless; despite the fact that my wife has been having some major fidelity issues for the past year, but even when I was single I've never been captivated enough by someone to desire a one-night fling. There have only been three women my whole life that actually aroused that burning sexual desire within me to the point that I wanted them (immediately). I am an extremely passionate lover and enjoy a very deep and prolonged intimacy with my mate in bed. Indeed, I'm quite sexually active when I feel like I'm with the right person. But at this point, it seems there is only one woman left that is keeping that fire going inside of me without even having to try because I like her so much. I would definately seek her out if I weren't married, heh...but I would have to struggle desperately to keep myself from consummating our relationship before re-marriage....she is just too attractive to me on so many different levels.

For now, the thought of "taking her" and making her mine remains in my dreams. If it were to happen, I know that we would continue through the nights to infinitely as sunlight. One thing is for certain though, a one nighter is always out of the question for me. 

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3 Responses Jul 8, 2010

You sound like a wonderful guy with a great deal of standards. A lot of men think its manly and becoming to sleep with multiple women, but I disagree. For a man to resist a woman shows that you have a strong and comfortable sense of self and you do not build your self-image around how many women you've been with.You are obviously a deep person who looks beyond the exterior. I think thats great. My boyfreind is the same way and I love and respect him so much. I know I must be special because he chose me. He is just not into one nighters. he would rather have a loyal friend with benefits, girlfriend, or wife. He only slept with 2 other women before me. Initially,he was very inexperienced but once he got the hang of things, he is an awesome lover. i too am not into one nighters but I always thought I was just a boring person. But I now know people are different. I just can't let somebody have me without knowing what type of person they are. Usually guys get frustrated and stop trying, but I am an excellent lover and if they would only know good things are worth waiting for....oh well their loss.. (sigh)

it's tough to do, only because if you get the chance for a one time fling, and you get the itch the next day, you're back for more...and if the itch happenes to be the person from the day before, you stuck to them like glue....something you didnt want in the first place. It happened to me, lasted for 8 months and then got my heart smashed, when I lost her.

go ahead man. get her. get rid of ur wife. ooops!