I Don't Have Any Plans To Have One Either.

No matter what anyone says, intimacy creates an emotional bond. So people can claim to play it loose and free with no emotional attachments, but I know better. There are ALWAYS emotional attachments on some level, even if only for a moment.

I've actually very few sexual partners. I can still remember all their names and count them all on one hand. I prefer it that way. No matter how wildly physically attracted I may feel to someone, not only is it My personal philosophy but I've been through enough crap in life that it just requires A LOT more from a person than physical attractiveness (not to mention the obvious requirement of mutual chemistry) before I even begin to entertain physical intimacy. So many multiple levels must connect just right. Mutual physical attraction, mental and intellectual attraction, emotional connection, spiritual connection... and the list goes on. Of course, I shouldn't even have to mention the obvious responsibility in making sure just where each stands in terms of physical cleanliness and STD status.

Maybe the notion is old fashioned, but even so much as sharing a glance or the holding of hands with the right person can be extremely powerful. So I know there is a lot more power behind deeper physical intimacy. While I may have briefly occasionally entertained the notion of "hit it and quit it", the truth is it's just not in My nature. I'm too empathic and empathetic and have no desire for what that kind of situation may create for My life or anyone else's. Kudos to those out there who can make it work for them. I just feel it introduces the possibility for more complications than are necessary when life is complicated and difficult enough all by itself.
aktor1970 aktor1970
46-50, M
May 24, 2012